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A high-paying career

$120,000 per year

Over 137 recorded salaries show a clear sign: Being a remote worker in the Machine Learning industry pays off! Here are the stats:

The median salary for a fully remote Machine Learning Engineer is $120,000 per year but can go as high as $220,000 when everything aligns.

That is because talent in Machine Learning is sparse. Talent all around the world can now show that they have what it takes. Namely, employers look for:

  • Experience with Machine Learning methods.
  • Top-notch communication skills.
  • Working experience with the newest frameworks.

If the chance is there, don't hesitate to consider a fully remote career path in the Machine Learning industry.

Katie Burke

Do you want to access talent everywhere? Then you need to be at least open to the possibility of remote work — it opens doors to attracting and retaining talent around the world

Katie Burke, Hubspot

Hiring ML remotely is a win-win

Remote work does not equal remote work: Only 34% of job posts on RemoteML are all-remote. Many other companies hire in specific regions, continents or even countries.

There's one thing they all have in common though: Remote workers are more satisfied, retained for longer and less expensive than in-office workers. Are you ready to make the switch?

Remote jobs hiring right now

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