BI Developer (DNA)

Sep 06, 2023

Vilnius, Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuania

About team:

We’re looking for a BI Developer to join our skilled team of BI professionals here at twoday. Let’s be honest. It's not about such clichés as being motivated, ambitious or proactive. That’s obvious. More than obvious. We’re referring to your impact.

You would join a DNA project - Finnish telecommunications company that specializes in a wide range of telecommunications services. DNA's collaborative approach reflects their commitment to delivering efficient and effective telecommunications solutions to their customers.

In the Business Intelligence team you’ll meet with 22 colleagues from Lithuania and even more from other countries. They all can’t wait to make a perfect match with you. There’s no way you’re going to miss this opportunity. Are you?

Technology stack:

Snowflake Database, Agile Data Engine, Data Vault, Tableau, SSIS, AWS, Semarchy.

In this role, you will:

  • Prepare data according to Project Owner requirements within our team.
  • Create data flows and present data in Tableau report format.
  • Handle responsibilities related to Semarchy migration work, involving master data management for centralized information such as products, campaigns and more.
  • Occasionally engage in backend development tasks, particularly focused on database development.

What do we expect?

  • Strong knowledge of T-SQL, Snowflake, SSIS, Data Vault.
  • You have experience developing Tableau reports.
  • You understand master data management and data governance.
  • You have expertise in Agile software development and methods (Scrum, Kanban).
  • Good written and verbal English skills.

What should you expect?

  • Committees: from the conferences we attend to ideas like workplace design - you’ll have the chance to create an organisation you dream to work in by joining 1 of 10 our committees.
  • Investments: the company belongs to us - the employees. We have all opportunities to invest in the twoday Group under the same conditions as CVC investment fund.
  • Healthcare: health insurance and mental & emotional support from third-party consultants.
  • Pension accumulation: the state encourages participation in pension accumulation programs by applying tax benefits.
  • Flextime: flexible working hours, unlimited work from home, office workplace and free parking.
  • Leisure together: excursions, team buildings, pizza Fridays, techie club, sports training or board games nights. We also have a sauna!
  • Work from home: unlimited work from home policy.
  • Gross salary: 3500 - 4500 EUR. Your salary is based on your competence and experience.

Facts about twoday group:

  • Our focus on employees’ wellness and competence.
  • Have our own products but mainly focusing on custom development for customers.
  • Located in 5 different countries: Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
  • Pure tech company as 1630 out of 2200 employees are techies.
  • 8000+ clients: IKEA, Danske Bank, Nordea, Norwegian Air Shuttle and more.
  • 22 twoday group companies.
  • Expanding organically and acquiring new companies.

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