Triple Whale

BI Developer & Analyst

Sep 15, 2023


What Do We Do?

Triple Whale centralizes and simplifies all the metrics used by Shopify sellers, enabling them to save more time and make more money. We help e-commerce businesses accurately track and forecast all kinds of metrics, including changes in profits and operational metrics. Our goal is to infuse AI into e-commerce, empowering shops to have an accurate picture of their business and make optimal choices that boost their bottom line. Launched in mid-2021, Triple Whale already has over 6,000 clients, top-tier investors, and growing hubs in Columbus, North Carolina, and Israel.

Who we’re looking for 

We're looking for a sharp and passionate BI Developer & Analyst. Coming with a strong data background and the ability to establish and build all of our data infrastructure and initiatives from the ground up. You’ll need to have an in-depth understanding of business, data and vast knowledge in SQL & Excel. You will be responsible for all analysis, creating tools, dashboards, and reports to help the growth and success of Triple Whale. Our perfect candidate will turn data into information, information into insight and insights into business decisions.  

What You’ll be Doing:

1. Build and maintain BI related tables and views within the GCP environment, fusing multiple data sources over BigQuery such as Stripe, PostHog, HubSpot etc. and visualizing the data over Looker. 

2. Write ETLs (SQL, TypeScript) and orchestrate them using GCP’s dataform, Airflow and other tools.

3. Collaborate with other functions across the company by building automation that results in reports and dashboards with useful analysis and datainsights

4.Explain trends across data sources, potential opportunities for growth or improvement, and data caveats for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive (including forecasting), and prescriptive data analysis

5.Assist in the development, documentation and adoption of our Data Catalog so data can be efficiently integrated, modeled and analyzed

6.Constantly look for opportunities to help unblock other teams and team member

7.Search for automation opportunities around data analysis and reporting

8.Follow and improve our processes and workflows for maintaining high quality data and reporting while implementing the Dataops philosophy in everything you do  


1. A bachelor’s degree in a field that emphasizes statistical and analytical skills is required.

2. 2 years or more of experience in similar roles as part of a BI team.

3.Fluency in SQL within analytical data warehouses, experience with TypeScript or JavaScript

4.Experience with Business Intelligence tools (e.g. Looker, Tableau, Superset, etc)

5.Able to write complex SQL including multi-table joins, grouping and aggregation, common table expressions, and conditional filters

6.Passionate about data, analytics and automation. Experience cleaning and modeling large quantities of raw, disorganized data

7.Experience working with a variety of complex data sources. Our data includes Shopify, GitHub, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, Stripe and many others

8. Strong communication and interpersonal skills

9. Strong project management skills

10. E-Commerce relevant experience - Advantage. 

This is a full-time, hybrid role. Join our innovative team and play a key role in shaping the future of our products! If you have a passion for technology, data-driven insights, and optimizing marketing performance, we'd love to hear from you!

Our Values

We Are Customer Obsessed: From our mission to every detailed project, everything we do is designed to create a positive impact for our customers.

We Move (Very!) Quickly: The speed at which we work, iterate, and deliver value is our most competitive advantage. 

We Are Trustworthy: Candor, directness, and honest communication helps us learn, grow and improve so we can win together. 

We Are Curious: We extend beyond our comfort zone and ask questions that guide us towards new, creative, and bold paths.

We Act Like A Mensch: We act with honor, integrity and empathy, and have deep respect for our customers and each other.

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