Staff Machine Learning Engineer - Hyderabad

Nov 08, 2023


About the Team

Data is at the core of Outreach's strategy. It drives ourselves and our customers to the highest levels of success. We use it for everything from customer health scores and revenue dashboards to operational metrics of our AWS infrastructure, to helping increase product engagement and user productivity through natural language understanding, to predictive analytics and causal inference via experimentation. As our customer base continues to grow, we are looking towards new ways of leveraging our data to deeper understand our customers’ needs and deliver new products and features to help continuously improve their customer engagement workflows. 

The mission of the Data Science team is to enable such continuous optimization by reconstructing customer engagement workflows from data, developing metrics to measure the success and efficiency of these workflows, and providing tools to support the optimization of these workflows. At the MLP squad, our focus is on building world-class machine learning infrastructure to support data analysis and machine learning feature development. We manage ML tools such as Databricks, build bootstrap frameworks that automate parts of ML lifecycle, and develop internal tools and documentation to democratize the use of machine learning at Outreach.

As an MLE in the team, you will design and implement robust and scalable data / ML infrastructure that impacts the whole product and engineering organization. 

  • You have significant experience working with distributed data processing frameworks such as Spark. Experience with Spark's MLlib, AWS, Databricks, MLFlow is a plus 
  • You have strong programming skills in at least one object-oriented programming language (Java, Scala, C++, Python, etc.) 
  • You have experience building microservices. Experience with Golang is a plus
  • You understand the entire lifecycle of machine learning product development, from inception to production
  • You have extensive experience with deploying and running ML models in real products 
  • You are pragmatic, not stubborn with your solutions, and have the mindset of “get the job done”
  • You are hands-on, able to quickly pick up new tools and languages, and excited about building things and experimenting
  • You go above and beyond to help your team 
  • You are honest, admit mistakes, and own fixing them 
  • You are a motivated and talented craftsperson, always looking to sharpen and adapt your skills 
  • You have an MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or a related field and 5+ years of industry or equivalent experience

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