Mutt Data

Data Developer Sr

Nov 17, 2023


🚀 Join Our Data Products and Machine Learning Development Startup! 🚀

Mutt Data is a dynamic startup committed to crafting innovative systems using cutting-edge Big Data and Machine Learning technologies.

We harness the power of technologies like Spark, Airflow, Kubernetes, MLFlow, Kafka, Databricks, Astronomer, Kinesis, PostgreSQL, DBT, Airbyte, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, among many others.

We are on the lookout for a talented Data Developer who can help us take our team and expertise to the next level. If you're passionate about constructing systems, presenting innovative solutions, mastering new tools, and architecting robust data architectures, we'd be delighted to connect with you! 🐶

✔️ Our Reach: We partner with technology startups and major corporations across Argentina, the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, and Uruguay. Our team boasts exceptional technical prowess, and we have a wealth of experience in developing and maintaining large-scale production data systems.

✔️ Our Partnerships: We're proud to be associated with AWS, Astronomer, Google Cloud, and Soda.

If you have a passion for acquiring new tools, sharing knowledge with your colleagues, reducing technical debt, contributing to intricate solutions, fostering open communication, tackling technical challenges head-on, and thriving in a collaborative, horizontal structure, this might just be the perfect place for you.💪

Challenges We Tackle:

Reinforcement Learning for Advertising Optimization: We leverage reinforcement learning to maximize advertising ROI.

Real-Time Advertising Auction Systems: We construct real-time auction systems for advertising.

Large-Scale Electricity Consumption Prediction: We predict massive-scale electricity consumption demand.

Anomaly Detection in Telecommunication Services: We detect anomalies in activity levels for telecom services with millions of users, managing massive data streams.

Scalable Cloud Architectures: We design flexible and scalable cloud architectures, optimizing costs and enabling exponential growth.

Deep Learning for Customer Care Centers: We apply Deep Learning algorithms to analyze and count people in customer care centers using video feed data sources.

Responsibilities 🤓

-Develop proof of concepts, produce machine learning models, build dashboards, APIs, and data platform

-Build ETL processes for a wide variety of data sources (relational database, NoSQL, web services, flat files, etc) as per projects’ needs

-Own problems, from beginning to end - propose, define, present, evangelize, prototype, build, handle and maintain data systems

-Design modern data pipelines

-Research and develop new technologies to improve Mutt Data’s toolset, as well as best practices. We invite you to contribute your knowledge on infrastructure, code, frameworks, etc

Essential Requirements 💻

- Software engineering and development experience  (At least 1 + year)

- Advanced Python knowledge 

- Solid SQL knowledge 

- Ability to interpret and implement customer’s technical requirements

- Experience working with batch ETL or stream processing systems or frameworks

- Great capacity for teamwork 

What Will Set You Apart for This Role 😉

- Good management of AWS (or GCP) services.

- Have a keen sense of code hygiene: review, documentation, testing, CI/CD. 

- Proficiency with modern Data Engineering tools. 

- Development of data-pipelining with Spark, Python, and SQL.

- Installation and management of platforms Hadoop Cloud or On-Premise.

- Proficiency in Airflow.

- Experience with any stream processing tool (Kafka, Kinesis, Spark).

- Proficiency in Python’s Scientific Stack (numpy, pandas, jupyter, matplotlib, scikit-learn).

Benefits 😎

🏋️‍♀️ Gympass or Sport Club: Access to Gympass or a Sport Club for fitness and well-being.

🌐 Additional Internet Connectivity Stipend: Receive an extra allowance for internet connectivity.

🎁 Welcome Kit: Mutt provides necessary working equipment if needed, such as a laptop, ergonomic chair, headset, external monitor, and more.

🍔 Pedidos Ya Pay: Enjoy benefits related to Pedidos Ya, a popular food delivery platform.

🎉 Social Paid Events: Participate in compensated social events.

🏢 Worknmates Coworking Spaces: Access quality coworking spaces.

💵 Salary in USD (Up to 20%): Receive up to 20% of your salary in US dollars.

😎 Mutt Week: Get an additional week of vacation each year.

📚 Paid AWS and GCP Certification Exams: We cover the costs of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification exams and study materials.

🎈 Birthday Free Day: Enjoy a day off to celebrate your birthday.

🗣️ In-Company English Lessons: Improve your English language skills with in-company lessons.

👥 Referral Bonuses: Earn bonuses for referring exceptional talent to the company.

🏡 Remote First Culture: Benefit from flexible working hours and locations.

🌼 Annual Mutters' Day: Join in celebrating our annual Mutters' Day.

✈️ Annual Mutters' Trip: Participate in our exciting annual Mutters' trip.

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