OpenAI/GPT3 Expert / AI/ML Developer

Nov 06, 2023


ModelDiplomat: Build a prototype for a new AI coach for high school and college students involved in Model United Nations. Model United Nations is a global organization that helps students learn global leadership skills, by researching and representing the points of views of specific countries in conferences that simulate United Nations sessions. After several months of user and market research, we now are looking to build a prototype to get feedback from Beta testers on the product concept.

Who are we looking for? We are looking for an agile AI Developer who is willing to build a rapid prototype (1-2 months) of this AI tool, so that we can launch the beta in advance of many global Model UN conferences which usually run from January - March. We believe this will be the best time to test and get feedback from potential users, in real-case scenarios. 

Adaptable, entrepreneurial, and willing to iterate. This should be someone who can offer creative ideas about how to leverage AI to create high impact results and answers for MUN students. Ideally, this individual will operate iteratively and continuously collaborate with the founder on the development of this prototype. Someone who cares about developing young leaders and/or global politics is a plus. The person should have at least 5-6 examples of AI projects they can share with us, as examples.

Timeline: We’d like to work through the requirements and contract in November, and have development + testing from December - January. So we can run our Beta Launch in the first week of February.

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