AI/ML Engineer

Sep 01, 2023

New York City, United States - Remote

Picture a constellation of gaming communities, each with its own vibrant culture, its own shared language of inside jokes and strategies, its own heart and soul. Now, imagine that you're the one who helps bring these constellations to life. This is the vision of Metafy, and we're inviting you to become a part of it as an AI/ML Engineer.

At Metafy, we're not just building a platform; we're creating an immersive universe. We're aiming to be both the consumption layer, where gamers come for the finest content, and the monetization layer, where creators can transform their passion into profit. Our goal is to empower every gaming community, from the most well-known blockbuster titles to the niche gems waiting to be discovered.

As an AI/ML Engineer, you’ll work with a team of talented engineers to bring robust and reliable search and recommendation services to Metafy users. You’ll help bring these features to life at Metafy. Your contribution will help Metafy reach millions of users looking to be a part of a vibrant gaming community.


  • Implementing and launching end-to-end user facing search and discovery features using performant and efficient ML models.
  • Implementing tools, data pipelines, APIs, processes, and evaluation frameworks to enable development, iteration and launching ML ideas.
  • Working with design and client-side teams to ensure a great user experience.
  • Collaborating with various product stakeholders across the company and partner with them to apply language understanding models to new product areas and use cases.
  • Work on continuously improving the metrics and performance of models the team has launched in production by leverage state-of-the-art ML techniques.


  • 3 years of demonstrated professional experience as an AI/ML engineer building search and/or recommendation engines with Python or similar.
  • Experience in building and deploying fast, high-throughput API endpoints to handle significant request volumes.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Passion for building a rich and innovative user experience.
  • Excellent English communication and collaboration skills to effectively work with multi-functional teams and partners.
  • A love for gaming: You're a gamer at heart. You understand the thrill of victory, the sting of defeat, and the joy of a well-played game


  • Competitive Salary
  • Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
  • Fully remote work
  • Stock Option Plan

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