Marshall Wace

Machine Learning Intern

Sep 19, 2023


Get a taste of working in a fast-paced, tech-led environment on any of our London office. Our intern programme provides the opportunity to work directly with our Development teams. These projects support areas such as Finance, Operations, Risk, Trading, and Portfolio Management.

During your internship, you will gain valuable hands-on experience with a multitude of technologies and disciplines such as devops, data engineering, cyber security, web development, business intelligence, software engineering, and stream processing.

We are on the look-out for people who have a real passion for technology.

This is a 4-month internship in partnership with Imperial College London’s MSc AI course. During your time with us you will hone your ML ops and applied ML skills while working on a project within the ML team.  You’ll join a cutting-edge team with the ability to assume as much responsibility and autonomy as you can take on.

The project that you will work on will be of real importance to the team. As one of our recent areas of development, you will be an integral part of the development of our ML capabilities.  
All interns receive end-to-end support from our teams – from an initial induction to a performance review as you complete time with us. This includes personalised mentoring, regular seminars with senior managers and key staff, social events and the chance to participate in the firm’s charitable activities. At the end of the internship, you will present your project to the entire Technology team. 

This placement is ideal for an innovative problem solver who can demonstrate inventive and creative use of technology. Successful participants will have the possibility to return full time as a graduate when they complete their studies.

What do we want?
We’re looking for people that want to make the right start in their careers. We want people who have a passion for technology and who like to do things differently. In particular, we’re looking for: 
•    Academic Achievement 
•    Applications are welcome from high-achieving students at all levels.
•    Articulate Thinkers
•    We look for quantitative and analytical talents combined with effective communication skills. 
•    Lead from the front
•    We want to see aptitude for working in diverse teams with demonstrated potential for leadership.
•    A challenge mindset 
•    Our interns need to think critically about a range of strategic issues impacting our clients.
•    “Shoot for the moon” ambition
•    We want people who think differently and who push hard stop to solve the problems and execute positive outcomes.
•    Technology Driven
•    We look for interns who have experience working with at least one programming language, and demonstrate a genuine passion and interest in technology.


  1.    Initial screening; if your CV passes the initial screening, we will conduct an initial technical screen through Codility.
  2.    Presentation interview: Successful candidates will be asked to virtually present on a ML/AI project of your choosing.
  3.    Interviews; If you make it to the next stage you will be invited to the office for a series of interviews. This is the final stage of the process. 
  4.    Offers and Feedback; We appreciate the time and effort you will have put into your application and, whatever the result, we can offer you feedback on your application.

Application deadline: 25th October 2023
Codility Test sent: 27-28th October 2023
Deadline for Codility tests: 6th November 2023 

Interviews will take place after these stages with select candidates. We will work with you to find a date.

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