Experfy Inc

Business Intelligence Developer - Lead/Senior 719650

Sep 14, 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Our client is getting started with their data warehouse and dash boarding strategies. They have a strong understanding of the data but are looking for expertise in presenting that data to the end users that need it. They're seeking senior level support to create new agency dashboards to monitor the health of the agency's unemployment system. Dashboards could include business transactions, business backlogs/outstanding workloads, employee performance and much more.


The essential functions of this role are as follows:

• Participate with a Product Owner (PO) and/or Business Analyst (BA) in gathering business requirements.
• Work with a team of business stakeholders, junior Tableau developer(s), BA and PO in developing wireframes and other dashboard mockups.
• Provide guidance and experience to best practice in designing BI visualization.
• Develop design specifications when necessary.
• Provide education and guidance to junior BI Developer(s) in effective Tableau dashboard development.
• In general, act as a lead to other junior BI developer(s) in developing dashboards and/or other visual end-products.
• Create advanced Tableau dashboards.
• Test and debug new business products. Assist other junior BI Developers in testing, debugging and problem solving.
• Participate with Data Analyst(s) as needed to define minimal viable data assets in support of the visual needs.
• Assist the PO in estimating scope and time as it relates to BI development and staffing level.
• Assist the PO and/or BA in doing Inspect & Adapt reviews with the business.
• Advice management as needed of any shortcomings with current tools and/or approaches related to the business initiatives.


• Extensive knowledge of information systems design principles and new systems design techniques.
• Extensive knowledge of policies, standards, procedures, and techniques used for Tableau dashboard development.
• Ability to perform problem solving and analytical analysis on complex issues.
• A very strong understanding of system development using a lean agile approach.
• Extensive knowledge of both system and business applications and competent to work at the highest technical level of all phases of applications systems analysis and developing activities.
• Willingness to train/educate business users and business analysts in effective BI designs/approaches.
• Willingness to train/educate junior staff in BI development.
• Experience in using the ETL tool Talend.
• Senior level experience in using the Tableau Studio tools.
• Extensive knowledge of the most recent advancement in BI presentation.
• Ability to read and understand complicated technical instructions.
• Ability to manage multiple application development assignments and priorities.
• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


• Acquiring Information
• Communicating Effectively
• Critical Thinking
• Delivering High Quality Work
• Testing and Troubleshooting
• Displaying Technical Expertise
• Adapting to Change
• Accepting Responsibility
• Training Others
• Talend (ETL)
• Tableau Studio
• Jira
• Confluence
• Lean Agile Principles
• Wireframing and Other Visual Modeling
• Data Modeling

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