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(Senior) Data Engineer

Nov 08, 2023


EVYD is at the forefront of health tech in Southeast Asia. We specialize in translating cutting-edge research into tangible health solutions, giving our team the unique opportunity to witness the real-word impact of their work. Join our dynamic, multidisciplinary, and multicultural team to experience first-hand the thrill of turning innovation into improved health outcomes.

What will you do? 

Join us as a Data Engineer, where you’ll harness vast datasets to drive health innovation forward. Your role will center on crafting resilient data infrastructures, mastering SQL and big data technologies, and turning complex business challenges into actionable data insights. We’re looking for a collaborative problem solver with a blend of technical prowess in Python or Java, deep understanding of distributed computing, and a genuine eagerness to impact the healthcare industry.  

This role reports to the Head of our Data Office and is based in Singapore. 

Your key responsibilities include: 

  • Support the management of data effectively to achieve project goals and enhance engagement with all stakeholders. 

  • Develop and implement a robust health data system for use in medical contexts, optimizing the functionality of health products with advanced big data infrastructure. 

  • Engage in the establishment and upkeep of data warehouses. Catalog and strategize data resources based on operational needs, creating a comprehensive data asset framework to assure quality and security, and facilitate the seamless exchange and use of data. 

  • Construct and maintain a reliable data pipeline. Oversee the integrity and governance of both offline and real-time data throughout processing stages. 

  • Collaborate in the research and creation of data-driven products and applications, building a repository of data strategies and methodologies. Work alongside teams from operations, product development, and medical education to unlock the potential of data in driving business objectives. 

  • Mentor and provide professional development for junior and intermediate data R&D engineers by conducting training sessions, performing code reviews, and employing other methods to enhance the team's overall skill set.


What skills do you need? 

Human Skills: 

  • Demonstrates clear thinking, logical reasoning, and strong problem-solving skills. 

  • Possesses excellent communication and presentation abilities. 

  • Exhibits a keen understanding of business processes and the ability to grasp complex business issues. 

  • Shows enthusiasm for tackling challenges and an aptitude for learning.


Base Technical Skills: 

  • Experienced in the architecture, modelling, and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) design and development of data warehouses. 

  • Proficient in SQL coding and performance optimization. 

  • Skilled in at least one programming language, such as Python or Java. 

  • Knowledgeable about distributed computing frameworks, including but not limited to Hadoop, Hive, Flink, Spark, Hudi, Kafka, and Elasticsearch. 

  • Competent in handling large-scale data processing and real-time data computation. 

  • Acquainted with big data analysis engines like Kylin, Clickhouse, and Presto. 

  • Familiar with the implementation or data integration of international mainstream electronic medical record systems.



  • Holds a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field. 

  • More than 3 years of professional experience in big data, previous experience in health tech or healthcare industry is a plus. 

  • Well-versed in medical data standards and models, such as FHIR and OMOP.


Why you should join us

Make a meaningful impact

As one of the leading healthtech companies based in APAC. You will have the opportunity to directly impact the lives and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Exciting growth opportunities

We offer an environment where you can make an impact and difference. Shape the future of our company, rather than being just a cog in one.

Collaborative and friendly culture

EVYD prides itself on its friendly and supportive work environment. Be a part of our close-knit teams that believe in working and playing hard together. We work with a global team to bring about the best of each culture.

Dynamic working environment

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, staring at the clock, and waiting for the time to pass? At EVYD, we promise a dynamic environment where each day will whizz by. You’ll have opportunities to contribute to multiple functions and be deeply involved in growing our products and delivering excellence.

Personal and professional development

We are firmly committed to growing together with our people. We believe in growing the skills of our existing staff and giving them the chance to prove themselves. Where we lack, we hire the best to groom our next generation of leaders.

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