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Data Analyst

Nov 15, 2023



The Data Analyst role is pivotal in driving data-driven decision-making across the organization. This position encompasses the comprehensive process of importing, cleaning, transforming, and validating data to draw actionable insights. The analyst should possess a high level understanding in SQL for robust database management and querying, Excel for meticulous data validation, and Python for advanced data manipulation and analysis. A cornerstone of this role involves translating intricate data sets into easily comprehensible graphs and tables, making them accessible for non-technical stakeholders. Beyond internal data management, the analyst will liaise with data research suppliers, abiding by internal protocols to guarantee accurate data cleansing and acquisition. Employing tools like JIRA, the analyst is expected to efficiently manage, prioritize, and multitask, ensuring the marketing teams receive timely and essential support, thus solidifying the organization's commitment to data-informed strategies.


Analysis and Reporting

  • Understanding customer’s requirement and providing easy/quick analytics solutions
  • Conceptually/logically understand current business CRM/tool to build and support reusable data analysis structures within the technical environment, enabling self-service analytical capability for key technical stakeholders
  • Extract large and unstructured datasets from multiple platforms, cleansing the data to make it fit for purpose
  • Manipulate and transform the data, categorizing it, and performing statistical analysis and visualizing insight on complex trend analysis to the business
  • Drawing insight from the data, translating into strategy and feeding into the right teams
  • Data analyst is required to present their finding/analysis and translate them into an easy understandable document for business
  • Clearly reporting to communicate complex ideas to business in an easy way

Database Administration

  • Conceptualizing different aspects/features of the CRM to cater to projects like data selections request, Data uploads of 3rd party data, Data integrity
  • Building and maintain a data warehouse to better manage global data, including data sourcing / mapping, data modelling, master data management and data migration
  • Deduplication: Working through various mechanisms in order to eliminate duplication within existing data and/or for new data upload.
  • Data Selection: Selection and exporting each marketing segment that currently exists within our CRM (Salesforce) and other databases
  • Data formatting and uploading: To remove any error, typos and mapping fields in order to update or upload new data from various sources in Salesforce.
  • Data integrity: Clean and update data all the time in order to maintain data integrity in the system, this may include updating contact information, inactive contacts, mail returns etc.

Data automation

  • Write procedures in order to reduce the time for same kind of data requests.
  • Develop efficient workflow and work processes
  • Whenever required, writing queries, triggers, stored procedures, views etc.

Data Acquisition

  • Communicate with internal teams to gather accurate requirements related to target market list research.
  • Liaise with list research suppliers and brief in internal requirements.
  • Quality check received data.
  • Upload data and communicate to internal teams.


Minimum Experience:

  • Highly numerate individual with an eye for detail, ensuring accuracy and precision in data handling.
  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience in data analysis.
  • Proven track record of efficiency, prioritization, and delivering high-quality outputs.
  • Demonstrated capability in multitasking and managing high-volume data transactions.

Technical and Job-Specific Skills:

  • Database/Programming: Proficient in SQL Server, SQL/TSQL, and creating/maintaining stored procedures. Basic to intermediate skills in Python.
  • Office Tools: Advanced proficiency in MS Excel, with experience in handling complex datasets and performing advanced data manipulations.
  • CRM: Admin-level expertise in Salesforce (Desirable).
  • Business Intelligence Tools: Strong familiarity with SQL and Excel for data analysis and visualization.
  • Communication Skills: Effective public speaker with outstanding interpersonal capabilities. Proficient in translating intricate business requirements into comprehensible non-technical terms for diverse audiences.

Behavioural Competencies:

  • Efficiency: Ability to produce accurate results in optimal time.
  • Quality-Driven: Prioritize high-quality outputs in every task.
  • Creativity: Innovative in approach, bringing fresh perspectives to data-driven challenges.
  • Teamwork: Collaborative, ensuring seamless intra-team communication and joint problem solving.
  • Communication: Outspoken, ensuring clarity and effectiveness in both written and verbal communications.

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