Data Engineer

Sep 10, 2023

Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Description

  • Developers will work with other developers to deliver big projects end to end. The team may have international developers.
  • Engineers will be responsible for talking with end users to figure out requirements, propose high level design, get buy-in from other leads and develop a plan that can be executed by other engineers.
  • Engineers will also play a hands-on role in implementation of particularly complex software pieces, debugging tricky issues, as well as perform research on new technologies


  • Batch processing analytical software tends to be throughput sensitive rather than latency sensitive. Candidate must be able to understand the trade-off between performance, simplicity, maintainability, and timeline constraints when developing software solutions.
  • Strong technical knowledge in at least one of the following ecosystems: Java, Python, Javascript. Experience designing batch processing systems is valuable but not necessary.
  • Experience in some of the Big data technology stack: GCP ecosystem sucha as BigQuery, PubSub.
  • Work with multiple stakeholders to gather requirements, work on high level design and get buy-in from peers and stakeholders
  • Translate high level design to specific steps that can be executed by other developers
  • Mentor and provide technical leadership to other engineers including system design, code reviews, etc
  • Familiarity with machine learning algorithms and concepts (gradient descent, logistic regression) and software libraries like pandas, tensorflow, etc
  • Candidate should be able to design high performance, maintainable, extensible software architectures to solve abstract business problems.

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