Coop: Data Engineer

Sep 07, 2023

Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Shape the future of data-driven logistics in Coop's Supply Chain team as a Data Engineer!

Coop is owned by 2 million co-owners. This sets us apart from competitors and is reflected in our vision – choosing Coop should be rewarding. Ownership offers the opportunity to influence and to share in the profits generated. 150 years after the establishment of the first consumer cooperative, Coop is still working towards the same goal – rooted in the same values. The cooperative societies collectively own the umbrella organization, Coop Norge SA, which is responsible for Coop's joint procurement, wholesale and logistics operations, chain management, brand-building, and membership program.

Supply Chain at Coop
Coop Norge introduced our Supply Chain department in August 2022. The department consists of four main areas: inbound supply management, forecasting & replenishment, store ordering, and ordering solutions. The department was established to bring together expertise and ensure the implementation of inventory management from supplier to store based on store sales forecasts (Multi-Echelon).

The Supply Chain department is integrated within the broader Logistics Department at Coop Norge, which is renowned as one of Norway's premier logistics entities. Logistics operations are at the core of the flow of goods - from supplier to warehouse and store. Our logistics operations consist of a fully automated logistics center at Gardermoen and 5 local warehouse units; together with the transportation operations, this forms the backbone of our value chain.

For the road ahead, the strategy is clear - by prioritizing customer service and increased cost-effectiveness, we aim to continue our growth. To achieve this goal, we need to strengthen our capacity in the field of analysis.

As a Data Engineer, you will play a crucial role in solving and optimizing complex forecasting models and algorithms. As part of the tech environment in Data & analysis team, you will work closely with other Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Software Developers. We are seeking someone who is motivated to contribute to one of Coop Norge's key areas of focus going forward, with an emphasis on holistic value chain and forecasts.

We believe your day-to-day will look somewhat like this:

  • Join domain teams to build data as a product. This will require working directly and indirectly with existing systems like SAP to extract the data that is needed, understanding the data within our business context and the domains the products will be part of, modeling the data and then exposing it in a way that is useful for both data analytics and operational use

  • Collaborate with data science and analytics to create compelling new products and improve existing products. Be an enabler for our team of Data Scientists and Data Analysts by maintaining and building data pipelines, deploy models on production in an MLOps fashion.

  • Be a key contributor to our transition from a hybrid on-prem & BizTalk architecture to a Cloud-native architecture

  • Build our data and analytics platform highlighting critical patterns for performing data analytics and creating data products, and creating platform capabilities that can help teams perform these activities better and faster.

  • Actively contribute to defining our guidelines and ways of working

  • Actively contribute to fostering a modern data culture within Coop and strengthen our data-driven organization

To succeed in this role, you will need to have:

  • You are proficient in Python.

  • You can leverage your experience with cloud platforms, specifically GCP and Azure.

  • You can gain practical experience or a comprehensive understanding of Event-Driven architectures, including technologies like Google PubSub, Azure Service Bus & Event Hub/Grid.

  • You can adeptly create data pipelines and services while implementing data integration patterns.

  • Your experience extends to various database technologies, encompassing relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, as well as document databases such as MongoDB and CouchDB, graph databases like Gremlin and Neo4J, and key-value databases like Redis and etcd.

  • You can showcase your expertise in data modeling, including relational modeling, dimensional modeling (star, snowflake), wide-column models, graph modeling, and API modeling using REST and protocol buffers.

  • You can confidently create machine learning training and prediction pipelines using tools like Spark and Beam.

It would also be beneficial if you:

  • Can work in a structured, systematic, and independent manner

  • Can effectively communicate complex analyses and findings to team members and others in the organization.

  • Demonstrate an enquiring mind and a keen ability to uncover hidden insights

  • Are eager to learn and possess a high level of professional commitment

  • Has a strong motivation to deliver value to end-users

  • Are skilled in communication, both in Norwegian and English

  • Higher education, preferably a master's degree within data and analytics or similar fields.

What can we offer you?

  • Access to the most exciting technologies and data to solve complex and important tasks.

  • You’ll be part of an ambitious and diverse team where you get to impact the way of working and contribute to organizational guidelines.

  • Excellent opportunities for personal and professional development (e.g., conferences, training, time to work on own projects/upskilling, etc.).

  • Modern office spaces at our HQ at Grorud with a high degree of flexibility on working hours and location.

  • Gear and equipment (Mac/Windows/Linux) are provided when you begin your adventure with us.

  • Competitive compensation package in addition to good pension and insurance schemes.

  • Other benefits like mobile phone and internet coverage, company cabins, and discounts in all Coop stores.

Working at Coop Norge:

Coop Norge as a workplace is designed to foster your growth and well-being. Coop Norge is a large and intricate organization, with diverse expertise in countless fields. You will become part of an exciting ecosystem where you will have a direct influence on our human-centered endeavors. In a newly renovated building in Grorud, Oslo, you'll encounter numerous engaging colleagues and collaborate across disciplines. You can engage in conversations over a cup of coffee with freshly baked treats in the barista area or enjoy a fine lunch in our newly refurbished cafeteria. If the abundance gets overwhelming, you can have a workout session in the fitness center or opt for a relaxing massage. All within Coop Norge's headquarters. We have an active sponsorship department that entices various events tied to our sponsorships, and we also have a corporate sports club with different offerings. 'Cooperaktiv' provides additional activities in the realms of art, theater, and performances. Should you require a relaxing weekend, our company cabins are at your disposal. Working at Coop is more than just a job. We are a small community that warmly welcomes you!

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