Principal Data Engineer

Nov 08, 2023


Job Title

Principal Data Engineer

Job Description Summary

Today, Data is the most valuable asset for an IT Company: For Amadeus, an in-depth understanding of how an airport is running gives edges when making strategic, operational and sustainable decisions.
Collecting relevant and good-quality data and turning it into usable business intelligence is key for decision-makers. However, harnessing the tremendous amount of data generated by our applications and the applications our customers uses to exploit them efficiently is an incredibly complex challenge.

Our team, Airport Insight, is in charge of the new platform part of the Amadeus Airport IT solutions that leverage the latest cloud and big/fast data technologies to collect, centralize, correlate and generate comprehensive, near real-time and dynamic reports to make the most out of these data.
We leverage Azure-managed services to provide a cloud-native streaming data platform which interfaces with Microsoft Power BI to offer actionable insights after transforming the data coming from all across the Amadeus and the airports ecosystems.
This platform is also the foundation for the usage of Artificial Intelligence within Airport IT solutions.

The ideal candidate should have a proven track record in implementing data ingestion and transformation pipelines for large-scale data warehousing systems. Additionally, we are seeking someone with deep technical expertise and strong collaborative skills to play an important role in fuelling and guiding the technical vision of the Airport Insights product, as well as developing and delivering production implementation.

You will work with the other team members to ensure the delivery of high-quality customer requirements, and with the application architects, Big/Fast Data Train and Amadeus Security Office in order to build and deliver all the way to Production the various elements of Airport Insight.

This allows us to give more visibility on the delivery, transparency and alignment with all the stakeholders and dependent teams and better manage our priorities at the Business Domain level.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and seek to hire the best candidate regardless of age, beliefs, disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

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