Team Manager (Big Data Team) - Data&AI

Sep 03, 2023

Warsaw, Poland

Job Description

As part of the Data & AI area, we implement projects based on the practical "data science" and "artificial intelligence" applications of an unprecedented scale in Poland. Data & AI is a group of over 150 experienced BigData engineers organized into over a dozen teams with various specializations. Some of them build dedicated tools for creating and launching BigData processes or implementing ML models for the entire organization. Others work closer to the client and are responsible for the implementation of the search engine, creating recommendations, building a buyer profile or developing an experimental platform. There are also research teams in the area whose aim is to find solutions to non-trivial problems requiring the use of machine learning.

We are looking for a Team Manager who wants to build a data platform and solutions for millions of Allegro customers, e.g.:

  • A system that provides the ability to materialize events (received from microservices) into a form that allows building tables using Big Data tools. Our daily challenges are the scale of traffic, information structuring and stream synchronization of collections between on-premises solutions and public cloud environments
  • Distributed system for collecting information and analyzing customer behavior on Allegro. Data collection: Scala + Akka + Kafka, real-time processing: Beam + Scio + Dataflow + Pubsub, batch processing: Spark + Airflow + BigQuery
  • Metadata aggregation processes, integrated with Allegro's data platform to support tools and processes in the areas of: Data Quality, Data Lineage and Data Governance

We are looking for people who:

  • Can and want to take care and responsibility for their team’s development, have excellent communication skills, and value the "servant leadership" approach 
  • Have the ability to manage and build relationships in a team
  • Are familiar with making difficult decisions
  • Can listen, motivate and provide constructive feedback as well as select adequate development activities for their team
  • Are experts in software development and system architecture
  • Are fluent in JVM technologies and want to learn new ones
  • Have experience in leading teams working with the use of "agile" methodologies
  • Can look for effective solutions to the requirements of our users
  • Are able to work closely with the business (can reconcile technical and business issues)
  • Can present the necessary technical work in the context of business risks
  • Are programming in languages such as Java or Scala, as well as Python
  • Have experience in Big Data ecosystem, e.g. Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Airflow, Druid
  • Additional advantage will be knowledge of GCP or other public cloud environments (Dataproc, Dataflow, Composer, BigQuery, Pubsub)
  • Use good practices (clean code, code review, TDD, CI/CD)
  • Navigate efficiently within Unix/Linux systems
  • Are interested in the application of ML AI
  • Know Polish and English languages on at least B2 level

What we offer:

  • A hybrid work model that you will agree on with your leader and the team. We have well-located offices (with fully equipped kitchens and bicycle parking facilities) and excellent working tools (height-adjustable desks, interactive conference rooms)
  • Annual bonus up to 10%  of the annual salary gross (depending on your annual assessment and the company's results)
  • A wide selection of fringe benefits in a cafeteria plan – you choose what you like (e.g. medical, sports or lunch packages, insurance, purchase vouchers)
  • English classes that we pay for related to the specific nature of your job
  • Laptop with m1 processor, 32GB RAM, SSD - a 16” or 14” MacBook Pro or corresponding Dell with Windows (if you don’t like Macs), two monitors and all other gadgets that you should need
  • Working in a team you can always count on — we have on board top-class specialists and experts in their areas of expertise
  • A high degree of autonomy in terms of organizing your team’s work; we encourage you to develop continuously and try out new things
  • Hackathons, team tourism, training budget and an internal educational platform, MindUp (including training courses on work organization, means of communications, motivation to work and various technologies and subject-matter issues)
  • If you want to learn more,  check it out

Why is it worth working with us?

  • At Allegro, you will be responsible for processing petabytes of data and billions of events daily
  • You will become a participant in one of the largest projects of building a data platform in GCP
  • Your development will align with the latest technological trends based on open source principles (data mesh, data streaming)
  • You will have a real impact on the direction of product development and technology choices. We utilize the latest and best available technologies, as we select them according to our own needs
  • You will have the opportunity to work within a team of experienced engineers and big data specialists who are eager to share their knowledge, including publicly through

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