Aize AS

Data Engineer

Aug 31, 2023

Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

What you tell your friends you do

“As a senior data engineer, I help build the data platform on which our product sits...”

What you will really be doing

🚀 Continuously improve the streamlined pipeline for contextualizing, validating and ingesting the customer data that drives our SaaS product (and working to integrate the data into a stable and extensible pipeline).

🎉 Work with the product teams to help them understand how they can use available data for building new user experiences.

💡 Learn from domain experts on real world engineering data and use this knowledge to create data quality analyses that builds confidence in our customers.

🛠 Identify opportunities for and creating self-service tools that make data onboarding easier.

How you will be doing this

You will be a part of an agile and multidisciplinary team, bringing your own unique skill set to the table and collaborating with kind colleagues to accomplish your goals. You prioritize your work with the team and its product owner, weighing both the business and technical value of each task.

You don’t do things just because they were always done that way. You don’t ignore the lessons learned, however - even those learned by others. There’s no template for what we do. Your tools will be familiar, but as an Aizer you’ll be doing lots of firsts. So you need a data engineer’s brain and the heart of an explorer.

Where you will be doing this

You will call Aberdeen, Scotland your home base as we continue to scale our teams. But since we’re all about flexible work, feel free to combine work + vacation into a workation! Escape to the breathtaking Scottish Highlands and Islands for a weekend, unwind and catch some rays on a European beach, or fly off to see your folks in your home country. Amid all the hustling and bustling, remember to spend quality time with your loved ones! While we support your preferred work style, be sure to harmonize & integrate that with the needs of your team and colleagues while keeping your main hub in Aberdeen.

The Team

Day to day, you will have the opportunity to work as part of a driven and creative team of architects, developers and other data engineers developing tools to make data onboarding and access easier over time.

Skills & Requirements:

✔️ Problem-Solving: Extraordinary ability to take on open-ended problems in unstructured environments.

✔️ Adaptability: Adaptive and introspective; willing to learn, teach, lead, and follow.

✔️ Minimum 5 Years of Experience: Working as a data engineer or in a relevant field.

✔️ English Proficiency: Even though we are developing a tool to collaborate digitally, it’s still evidently important to communicate verbally, therefore we require a professional speaking proficiency in English.

✔️ Python Proficiency: When it comes to tech stack, we require proficiency in Python and experience delivering production-grade data pipelines.

Other Tech Skills:

  • Experience developing and/or deploying services on a cloud platform and working with containers (e.g., Docker)
  • Understanding of APIs and experience using them
  • Apache Airflow, Apache Beam, Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka
  • SQL databases, document databases, graph databases
  • SQL
  • Databricks
  • Azure
  • Gitlab or equivalent

Travel: Ability to travel abroad twice a year for networking purposes.

Passion: Most importantly, we are looking for you who have a passion for using new technology to help solve complex problems.

We Offer

  • Money.
  • We chip in on your pension and keep you covered with medical insurance.
  • You are provided with a high spec HP Laptop or MacBook Pro.
  • Take part in tech talks, lunch and learns, team activities and awesome parties.
  • Modern office with onsite nursery, gym, café, and restaurant along with subsidised lunches.
  • Lots of things you can learn through our skilled sparring partners.
  • We like to inspire your passion, giving you the opportunity to attend industry events.
  • We also have amazing perks such as contributions to your mobile phone plan and broadband for a flexible working from a home pattern.

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