ML Engineer Python/C++

AI Technologies · Anywhere · Oct. 17, 2019


💰 $50,000 - $100,000 / yr

The role involves being exposed in a variety of projects mainly in 3 areas:

- Customer Behaviour: From advertising to retail industry, understanding human behaviour towards products is crucial. We are actively involved in this area using companies’ data to reveal the best possible matching between them.
- Human Machine Interaction: Human are increasingly more dependent on machines to perform a variety of tasks daily. Chatbots are certainly rising in popularity and business cases are countless. However, in the near future interacting with machines means much more: there will be AI algorithms called ‘assistants’ able to perform tasks in behalf of the humans to assist our daily life (automatic travel booking systems, automatic grocery shopping etc.).
- Finance: The amount of financial data produced daily is overwhelming. Automatic tools that understand large amount of text data are necessary: we can extract relevant information for a given context or business case for many financial purposes.

The successful candidate will have already hands on experience with machine learning and object oriented programming procedures (preferebly in Python) and excellent communication skills to interact with clients in the most efficient way.

Python Ai Assistant