Computer Vision Lead

Rediscovery · Anywhere · April 1, 2019


💰 $50,000 - $100,000 / yr

We are looking for an experienced Deep Learning CV researcher to join the team and help make Remo a success. 
You will be joining the team at an exciting moment - we are now close to opening the Beta, and we hope to be able to scale quickly.

You will share our passion for the field. You believe in making AI accessible and research reproducible. You are passionate about having an impact in how AI is being consumed and on what is used for.

About Remo: 
Deep learning-based Computer Vision has been moving very fast, and it will change how things are done across industries.

Companies that are not Google or Microsoft often lack the talent and resources to stay up to date. And Computer Vision research is not always reproducible or transparent.

We are making CV more accessible to software engineers, data scientists and researchers.

For the industry, this means lower entry barrier and better computer vision products. 
For the research community, we hope to help address reproducibility. 
For both and for the average person, we aim to make Computer Vision more transparent and fair.

- Lead the development of computer vision components in Remo and devise new CV-based features of our product, based on insights on DL expertise:

What aspects of a CV model building process can we make easier? What if some of our users don't know CV, whilst some other of them are advanced researchers? 
eg semi-supervised annotation, model quantization.

- Implement new CV models from GitHub / papers

- Applied research (can be published) - some areas of interest for us: intersection of NLP and CV, GANs for synthetic data, adversarial attacks, robust datasets and models, privacy and ethics

- Lead applied Computer Vision projects

- Take part at conferences, engage with the Computer Vision community

- Help building the team and shaping the future of the company

What we offer: 
- Contract: Initial 2 months, with permanent employment after 
- Location: London / 100% remote ok (we would pay for occasional trips to London) 
- Flexible working hours 
- Salary: negotiable, up to $100k depending on experience 
- Equity: negotiable, up to 10% depending on experience

Skills and experience: 
- 4y+ relevant work experience or PhD / Post Doc / Professor in Machine Learning-based research area with a track record of publications

- Hands-on experience with Deep Learning-based Computer Vision - from a research setting or an applied one. 
At a bare minimum: experience implementing models from GitHub, exposure to data annotation and transfer learning

- Python: experienced in at least one between tensorflow and pytorch

- Implemented and trained models on more than one CV task (object detection, instance segmentation, pose estimation, face recognition, image classification, etc)

- favourable - contributor or maintainer of repositories in CV / Deep Learning

- An understanding of data bias, ethics and diversity issues, and a willingness to do something about it

- Proficient in English

Nice to have some of these: 
- Implemented models from scratch from papers and open sourced code 
- pure or applied research experience and relevant publications 
- Experience with end-to-end CV projects (formulating an approach, implementing a model, data annotation, training, model improvement, deployment on cloud/edge)

- Cloud computing experience (AWS / GCP / Azure) 
- Experience in another programming language and other DL frameworks 
- Experience working with/designing APIs 
- Experience / an interest in NLP and Reinforcement learning 
- An interest in blogging / community engagement

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