Healthcare Data Engineer

Dec. 15, 2022

Remote, USA

Waymark is a team of healthcare providers, technologists, and builders whose mission is to bring the best healthcare to people with Medicaid benefits.  Guided by the communities we serve, we bring support and technology-enabled care to help primary care providers keep Medicaid patients healthy.  We are building the tools and designing an approach to enable care to reach the patients who can benefit most.   Our core values embody the essence of what makes Waymark a unique team today, and what we look for, nurture, and sustain as a team. We are bold builders, believing that the greatest challenges in care delivery can be solved when we harness the power of community and technology. We are humble learners, seeking feedback and perspectives different from our own, and welcome challenges to our conclusions. We experiment to improve, actively seeking data to inform decisions and to assess our own performance. We act with focused urgency, our commitment to our mission drives us to tirelessly pursue results. If this vision resonates with you, we hope you consider bringing your creativity, your energy, your curiosity to Waymark. About this role At Waymark, the engineering challenges we face are related to building products and data pipelines that enable care delivery teams (community health workers, social workers, pharmacists, and care coordinators) to support patients facing major health challenges. As an Data Engineer, you will be developing the pipelines and transformations that are necessary to ingest healthcare eligibility and claims data into an AWS environment, load that data into a home-grown internal Patient Relationship Management system, and export data from that system to a data science platform to help our data science team perform machine learning to identify how to best prioritize patients and match them to key interventions. You will be creatively tasked with problem-solving around diverse types of data, from text messages from patients and healthcare notes that will be used for natural language processing by our data scientists, to messy healthcare claims that we use for studying costs and outcomes, to ADT (admit / discharge / transfer) feeds that we must translate to nearly real-time notifications of when our patient has arrived in our emergency room. You will be expected and encouraged to develop new pipelines and maintain existing ones, creatively working with the Product, Design, and Care Operations teams to understand the services being delivered and the key IP being developed to more efficiently and effectively deliver that service.  Responsibilities Work closely with product, design, care delivery team members, and fellow engineers to deeply understand the services we are providing and how to best solve the problems we face, test hypotheses, and operationalize and act on experiments. Develop and maintain data pipelines including healthcare eligibility and claims data, healthcare notes and conversations with patients, and the outputs of machine learning pipelines that help us rank order priorities and match patients to interventions Guide the development of the appropriate selection of platforms and services to address our technical challenges, with a focus on improving service delivery efficiency (e.g., through automation) and recouping value from data science (e.g., by helping to incorporate machine learning insights into our Patient Relationship Manager) Minimum qualifications 3+ years of experience in healthcare data engineering Mastery of Python and SQL  Excellent skills in communication and collaboration Track record of positive reviews from fellow engineers, product and design colleagues Strong foundational knowledge of data lakes and AWS products such as AWS Glue  Experience with healthcare eligibility and claims, implementing APIs, HL7/FHIR standards, ETL scheduling solutions, SQL, and healthcare data security Preferred qualifications  In-depth knowledge of healthcare eligibility and claims data, FHIR interoperability standards, HIPAA compliance, and HITRUST and SOC2 requirements Strategic mindset for learning and incorporating new healthcare technologies and data tools (e.g., Amazon HealthLake, Zus, Commure) as relevant and necessary Early-stage start-up experience Conditions of Employment All employees will be required to show proof of their up to date COVID-19 Vaccination. Certain exceptions are acceptable.

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