Machine Learning Engineer - AI Forecasting

Sept. 15, 2022


The speed, sophistication, and impacts of AI technology development together comprise some of the most astonishing and significant events of our lifetimes. Clearly, AI development promises both enormous risks and opportunities for society. To help humankind navigate this crucial period, Metaculus is building a team dedicated to AI forecasting.As a Machine Learning Engineer in AI Forecasting, you’ll work to enhance the organization and searchability of our AI analyses, ensure that the AI-related data and thinking that we rely on is up-to-date, comprehensive, and well organized, and deliver (via modeling) forecasts on an enormous set of questions concerning the trajectory of AI.You’ll use your expertise in NLP and data engineering to create a pipeline that extracts information from AI/ML research papers, blogs, and other unstructured sources. This information will form the basis of a structured history of AI progress, which will serve as a key resource for the team and for AI forecasting in general. It will also help us to navigate the space of AI-related discussions and ideas, and ensure that we are aware of any important hypothetical AI scenarios being discussed online. A second major line of effort will involve using your ML knowledge, together with your creativity and capacity for innovation, to build a model that integrates Metaculus forecasts and external data to forecast the trajectory of AI progress comprehensively over dimensions such as capabilities, costs, and alignment properties. A note about location Metaculus is currently hiring within several "regional hub" zones in order to enable team members to frequently meet and collaborate in person. This role could be based in London or New York City. For exceptional candidates, we are open to discussing alternative solutions.Requirements Deep and wide-ranging knowledge of AI/ML Experience using NLP to solve real-world problems Experience working with knowledge graphs Experience in data engineering A good understanding of the theory of causality Production-grade software engineering skills Metaculus’s mission resonates strongly with you BenefitsMetaculus offers competitive compensation and flexible benefits, including health insurance cost reimbursement. Metaculus is an equal opportunity employer that knows and appreciates the benefits of a diverse workforce.

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