Sr. Product Data Engineer

July 7, 2022


We are looking for an experienced Sr. Product Data Engineer to join our team. You will solve business challenges using exciting techniques such as segmentation, optimization, advanced analytics and machine learning. One main project you will be working on is to develop models that will be used to predict future outcomes based on available data for different user segments. It is expected that you take on a hands-on, proactive role where you can design the most appropriate process from start to finish - and continue monitoring and refining the model over time. The role entails: Making projections based on current data and historical information that allow understanding the health of the different indicators that have not yet reached maturity; Automate predictions so that, based on different inputs, it will be possible to calculate outputs for different populations; Conceptual thinking skills must be complemented by a strong quantitative orientation, given that a large part of the business is based on rigorous analytic & credit risk management; The Senior Product Data Analyst will be responsible for the execution, analysis and presentation of the Credit KPIs forecast; The analyst will assume ownership of forecast sub-processes, and design/implement forecast improvements. Requirements Strong mathematical and statistical skills, so I suggest a background in fields such as statistics, economics, or engineering; Knowledge of Data Science, Statistical modeling techniques. Experience with Python and data-frames or other modeling languages. Proficiency in modeling techniques in Predictive analytics and future growth forecasting. Benefits Medical and dental assistance - You don't have to worry about co-participation fees. Here our RecargaPayers have access to excellent hospitals throughout Brazil, without worrying about discounts at the end of the month. Life insurance - Because we know that your life is worth a lot <3 Transportation Voucher or Parking - We discount only 1 Real from it. Cool, right? Flexible Meal voucher - What does it mean? You can choose how you want to spend your $$ in Lunch, Market, Pharmacy, Courses, Mobility, Education ... yes, lots of possibilities. TotalPass - Healthy mind, healthy body. Money in your RecargaPay Wallet monthly - To pay for that one bill and still have cashback. And specially to tell us how we can improve even more. Spanish lessons - Sí, acá trabajamos aprendiendo. Up to 70% discount on English courses - Why not be trilingual? Discount in Universities for Undergraduate, Graduate and MBA courses - Knowledge is never too much, is it? No Dress-Code - Here you can be YOU! Diversity and Authenticity at RecargaPayWe are a company formed by dream-makers. That challenges the status quo, the market, and the “always been like this” thing. That proposes the new, the different, that will, in fact, make a difference. And we are doing it all because we are diverse. We are women, men and non-binaries, LGBTQIA + and heterosexuals, trans, cis and fluid gender. White, black, yellow and multicolored. Young, mature, with and without disabilities. And without defined patterns. We are authentic. We are talented. Authenticity is what moves us. That's why here at RecargaPay you are free to be who you are, every single day. The use of your DataThe candidate, when sending the curriculum with personal and professional data to participate in RecargaPay's recruitment and selection process, is aware that the data will be used for the necessary analysis and validations throughout the recruitment process and for hiring, if necessary, as well as authorizes RecargaPay to share the curriculum data with other companies in the RecargaPay group in case opportunities arise in line with the candidate's profile.In compliance with Law 13.709 / 18, LGPD - General Data Protection Law, the candidate may ask for the updating, rectification and modification of his information during the recruitment and selection process, or, still, request the non-use of the data under the terms applicable law.

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