Senior Machine Learning Engineer

SmartHop · Remote, USA · Nov. 4, 2018


💰 $100,000 - $150,000 / yr

The Company:

SmartHop is an autonomous agent for truckers to plan, search and book loads. Automating the decision-making process we help truckers increase revenues while reducing costs. If that’s not enough our technology merges two trips into one transforming each truck into a moving consolidating warehouse; less miles, less emissions, les tires, we all get a happier planet!

In the US over 96% of trucking companies own less than six trucks, 3 out of 4 struggle to survive each year as the process to run their business is still highly manual and complex. Some companies are digitalizing the experience for truckers. That’s not our case, we are completely changing the rules on how truckers decide what’s best for them.

To those out on the road that move 70% of all freight moved in the US, to those like our CEO that has been a trucking entrepreneur himself, we are committed.

As a venture-backed company based in Miami FL, we envision an industry were truckers get super-efficient, brokers save money and we all get a happier planet!

Company Highlights:

- Founded: 2016 
- Launched Beta in 2018 
- Team: 10 (6 are part of the tech team) 
- Expect~30 by summer 2019 
- Headquarters: Miami FL (Able to work remote) 
- Leadership: 
- Co-Founder & CEO, Guillermo( founded and led a logistics enterprise with 400+ employees) 
- Co-Founder & CTO, Miguel (founded and led a software development company with global award winning solutions) 
- Co-Founder & COO, Joaquin ( serial entrepreneur, founded and led various digital startups) 
- Investment: Pre-Seed raised and closed August, 2018 
- Validation: Running a nationwide pilot with FedEx, signed a partnership with 
- Accelerators: Backed by, selected as their global ambassadors and Founders Camp (No.1 Supply Chain-Tech VC in the US

How it works:

Our agent <Axle> starts by learning from industry experts, the dispatchers, when using our technology, but also from the outcome of continuous scenarios testing, giving it the ability to suggest but ultimately replace and outperform human dispatchers. 
As loads get booked, the technology will also resell the remaining empty space of each truck to match with small shipments so truckers will get more efficient throughout each journey.

The Opportunity:

SmartHop started because Guillermo's US trucking company struggled to find profitability like most of others because they couldn’t find the right load in a consistent basis. There are just too many load sources for a dispatcher or Owner Operator to choose from, at the end the decision is based on human capacity, basic information and gut feeling.

This is not the ordinary transportation dispatching company, we are the perfect blend of technology and logistics. We are adding a new layer of innovation to the long-needed transportation industry and changing the way transportation is done.

We are a startup looking for dynamic individuals eager to take on the challenge of transforming the growing and thriving logistics industry. The goal is to design and implement cutting edge software tools for our clients and internal operations.

Position Overview:

Reports to CTO

We're looking for a passionate, talented and innovative Machine Learning Sr Engineer with a strong machine learning background to help build industry-leading as we aim to make true impact in the industry. Our engineers not only are motivated to researching new solutions, but owning the problem end to end. There is enormous opportunity in front of us, so joining now gives a career chance to grow and succeed.

The Engineer who joins our technology team will ideally have at least 4+ years of experience within the field and be able to hit the ground running. As part of our AI team, you will work alongside recognized experts to develop algorithms and modeling techniques.

This person will be responsible for setting the road map, goals and objectives for all ML initiatives and developments aligning efforts to achieve state of the art technology and support business needs.


• Data extraction and management (API integrations) 
• Data modeling (Feature Extraction, PCA, Filtering) 
• Design and implement ML algorithms. 
• Compare model performance and tune parameters. 
• Implement cloud based machine learning wrapping components. 
• Deliver software components and requirements on time. 
• Consider non-functional requirements such as security, border cases and scalability. 
• Maintain Test and debug code practices 
• Maintain source control process. 
• Deploy in development and production environments. 
• Analyze systems performance, security and stability.

Skills and Education:

• Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related. 
• At least 2 years working with Machine Learning tools. 
• Engineer level Math and Statistics knowledge. 
• At least 4 years Python. 
• TensorFlow, Keras, Numpy. 
• Large scale data management experience. 
• Git code management and deployment. 
• Google Cloud components management. 
• Must be familiar with Agile methodology. 
• Highly motivated and results driven. 
• Ability to read and understand Machine Learning research papers 
• Ability to work in a team environment, while also delivering independent results. 
• Quality and elegant coding skills. 
• Must have good technical English.

Python Machine Learning Tensorflow Keras Numpy Google Cloud