Senior Data Scientist

May 15, 2022


Palta is a multi-product tech platform developing a number of mobile apps focused on health&wellbeing space. Our portfolio includes such successful companies as Flo (global leader in female health with more than 42 mln MAU), Prisma (app of the year 2016, 150+ mln downloads), Simple (12m+ downloads). Currently, Palta portfolio consists of 9 mobile apps, all focused on global digital health & wellbeing market. Rapid portfolio growth is fueled by the recently raised $100 million in series B round led by VNV Global. Palta apps are used by over 100 million health aware people globally! Paced is a new take on a personal productivity tool: a calendar that cares about your well-being. Our ultimate goal is to help people create a personalized schedule that maximizes productivity without neglecting personal life, sleep and rest, so they would never feel exhausted after a workday. Happy, balanced life is a marathon, not a sprint. We do that by combining data from your calendar, health data from your wearables, predicting circadian patterns based on your sleep, and applying behavioral science on top of all of that. Role overview As our Senior Data Scientist, you will be bringing insights into people’s lives to help them achieve work-life balance at the next level. You will own the entire DS roadmap and related RnD from formulating a hypothesis, planning privacy-first data collection, and then executing and validating the ideas. Currently, we’re expecting you to be a team of one and be proficient across the whole stack, but as we grow, the opportunity to manage a team will arise. What we’re expecting from you Currently, Paced’s algorithm for understanding a user's day and energy/stress patterns is in its infancy. So we want you to focus on creating and delivering a roadmap to make it more mature: requiring less input from the user and providing more relevant insights. Or you could get bonus points for pitching us a better plan. About you You’re great at data storytelling and know how to communicate insights from a dataset using narratives and visualizations effectively.  You have a good understanding of product and user analytics. You have a pragmatic can-do attitude and delivery-focused mindset: you can move quickly and prioritize accordingly. You’re able to think from the end-user's perspective and understand practical considerations of putting data models into production use. You care about productivity, time management, and self-reflection. You have 4+ years of experience in Data Science. You have experience with machine learning and statistical modeling approaches. You have built, deployed, monitored, and supported data science products in production. Why it’s great to work with us A passionate and highly skilled international team without layers of bureaucracy and infinite zoom-calls. A lot of flexibility and responsibility, you can really make an impact and contribute a lot to company culture and growth. Palta (Paced holding company) is a large and rapidly growing Health&Fitness tech holding with a proven track record of developing great products. Equity for each team member with a clear “exit” strategy. Market level compensation.

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