Machine Learning Evangelist

May 6, 2022


DagsHub is looking for a Machine Learning Evangelist to join our rocket ship, be the face of our company, and help us grow DagsHub's worldwide community (over 8,000 strong!).DagsHub is where people build data science projects. We leverage popular open-source tools to version datasets & models, track experiments, label data, and visualize results. We are a product-led-growth company and community is at the heart of our mission and plays a critical role in our future. As a Machine Learning Evangelist, you will play a major role in our orchestra and greatly impact our users' experience and the future of machine learning.Come help us engage and expand our community of data scientists and machine learning engineers, so that we can build the best tools for their workflow, and enable Open Source Data Science to flourish.You will Create content that machine learning practitioners love. Own the content we create and make sure it reflects our authentic voice. Build projects, examples, and apps, and work on proof-of-concept implementations that showcase the awesome things you can build with our platform and tools. Write great blog posts, tutorials, and documentation Give talks and lectures at conferences, podcasts, and meetups on a regular basis. Create or initiate collaborative data science projects that are valuable to the community or do social good, and show off how and why to use DagsHub. Distill complex, technical topics and make them accessible and easy to understand. Build relationships and partnerships with prominent researchers and organizations. Be part of the founding team - have a ton of impact on our vision, understanding the community's needs and prioritizing how it should be brought to life. Take pride in building and leading a community of data professionals. Represent us within the data science and machine learning community. Work on a wide variety of projects and tasks – no two days will be alike. Work with us to improve the product and its adoption - understand the users, prioritize features and bugs, spread the word, research tech and business trends, think ten steps in advance to where the product should be going and how it can get there faster. Qualifications – You are An experienced technical writer and public speaker that pays attention to detail. You’ve written tutorials, docs, and sample apps. Native-level English Speaker. You will need to effectively write formal content, and publicly speak and communicate in English. Enjoy teaching and explaining complex technical topics. Experienced with a proven track record in Machine Learning. You will need technical skills to understand complex topics and build machine learning projects at an expert level. Curious and passionate about data science and MLOps. A tech geek at heart. You enjoy discussing data science technologies online. You have a growth mindset. Our team really values learning and improving, and we seek out painful and inconvenient truths. It's OK not to know everything if you're willing to put in the work to learn. A fun person to work with! We are in this together for the long haul. Bonus – You Have Launched a developer brand or product and grew a thriving community. Created or maintained an Open Source project. Been a community leader, responsible for scaling a developer community. Active social media accounts in a data science/machine learning context. Used a variety of data science ML tools, frameworks, and environments such as Jupyter, RStudio, Tensorboard, Shap, DVC, MLflow, and FastAI. Experience with programming languages other than Python such as SQL and R and other tools and systems community members are likely to use such as Docker, Linux, and Bash. About DagsHubAt DAGsHub, we're building the next generation GitHub - for data scientists & machine learning engineers. We provide everything data science teams need to manage their projects and collaborate. We are transforming well-established software practices into their natural equivalents in the data-science wild west, and creating new effective ways for data scientists to work together.Our product helps people and teams discover data science experiments & projects, understand the thought process behind experiments, reproduce results and incorporate & review changes in code as well as data and models. We believe this is the way to create the most vibrant collaborative data science community in the world.DAGsHub is a well-funded, high-growth startup building tools for the Open Source Data Science community, with a fast-growing international community on the platform.

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