Biomedical Data Engineer

April 17, 2022


Tweag is a software innovation lab with a global team of thoughtful and friendly engineers, working together to build better software by applying mathematics, computer science and the methods of open source. Our high-profile community projects and contributions are driven by experience helping both deep tech startup clients and big players quickly scale their engineering performance and execute on high-risk, high-reward projects with confidence. We historically are big on composable software: functional, typed, immutable. Translated to our data engineering projects, this means we build tooling for efficient, reproducible and maintainable systems in complex industry sectors such as biotech, retail, finance and autonomous vehicles. We're looking for exceptional biomedical data engineers to join our team and help us move the industry forward. You would work either remotely (from almost any country), on-site at our office in the centre of Paris, or a mix of both. Who are you? Your skill set will grow constantly with each new client project, so consider applying if you are inquisitive, willing to fail often and adapt quickly. You should be comfortable with feeling out of your depth and rapidly building expertise in a new field. An open mind towards functional programming and reproducible software systems is a bonus, but knowledge in these areas is not a prerequisite. As an engineer at Tweag, you identify and quickly learn new skills and techniques needed to work in new areas, work autonomously, organising and clearly communicating your plans, value high-quality and elegant software and data engineering solutions, enjoy using principles from one area to help solve problems in another, cultivate good relationships with clients and with colleagues, can explain and discuss complex topics, speak English effortlessly, are highly competent in at least one programming language (Scala, Python, Java, C++, Haskell, Clojure, or others), have a good understanding of developer tools and techniques such as Git, GitHub/GitLab, CI, testing, and Docker. A typical biomedical data engineering candidate has, in addition, experience with and interest in some of the following: basic knowledge of molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics familiarity with one or several subfields of computational biology: statistical genetics and associated tools / file formats, proteomics, metabolomics, … experience handling various kinds of medical data: EMRs, medical imaging data, … putting data workflows into production: cloud environments, databases, scheduling and workflow tools such as Nextflow, Apache Airflow, … large-scale data architectures such as data warehouses, lakes, and lakehouses. Experience with Databricks, Snowflake, or other cloud data platforms is a plus. a basic understanding about a data scientist’s work, including machine learning and different modelling techniques building dashboards and data visualisations Please note that these requirements are only a guideline. Our engineers are delightfully unique, and so are you: we believe that outstanding teams have diversity of background and thought. More than the qualifications listed on your resume, if you're excited to join a fully remote global team that's working to have a positive impact on the software and data engineering community then we encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't align perfectly to what is listed above. What will you be doing? Engineers at Tweag primarily work in small groups embedded in a client team, collaborating with the client’s engineers and each other. Biomedical data engineers will likely work with major enterprises in the pharmaceutical or medical sector to establish data platforms, analytics solutions and applications to boost industry scientists’ productivity, but should be open to projects in different sectors, too. In parallel, Tweag engineers connect and collaborate with each other across project boundaries, teaching, learning and improving our many research and community projects. Benefits The chance to work on interesting problems and work with and learn from amazing people, a flexible work environment, based either remotely or in our Paris office, the opportunity to work on your own innovative projects, if they align with Tweag’s goals, support to grow into other specialist areas.

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