Machine Learning Engineer

Point API · Remote, Europe · Aug. 6, 2018


💰 $70,000 - $100,000 / yr

You will be responsible for using deep learning and NLP to improve our product's ability to generate natural language responses to emails.

Point provides you with a set of tasks and questions you need to address in each and every email, and a quick way to respond to all of those emails. You only provide the minimum necessary information per answer, and we compose the remainder of the email.

E.g. the task would be “Who will be there at the meeting tomorrow?”. You might respond “Matt and Lambert”, and we’d compose the rest of the response for them, as well as the general email structure.

We’re helping you deal with your emails more quickly. Instead of spending 10 minutes on composing the email, you can send emails in seconds.

Machine Learning Nlp Deep Learning