Machine Learning Data Scientist for a Rapidly Growing eCommerce Company

April 4, 2022


Job Summary In the world where data is more valuable than oil, companies that utilize and harvest the best data tend to have a statistically significant advantage against the competition. In eCommerce, data is paramount and luckily readily available to be digested. Our Data Scientist position will help lead the company into the future by building one of the most important departments in this explosive growth company.  If eCommerce is the future, Neato wants to predict it. You will work directly with our Head of Business Intelligence/Data Science to carve out a path to digital success using data. We are looking for a committed, entrepreneurial, growth minded data scientist to complete this task. Roles and Responsibilities  As a data fanatical company, we rely on multiple data streams to help make better decision for our partnered brands on Amazon. Your responsibility is to build out our core data pipelines to ensure timely and accurate information gets in the hands of key decision makers. Once data is digested and organized you will help pave the way to advanced analytics and reporting, creating machine learning algorithms to make the business run smoother and more efficient, present data to brands, and will always be figuring out ways to harvest new data. Our Data Scientist will have a passion for machine learning and will work with our tool sets to help drive the companies already explosive growth. Neato takes a “Brand Partner First” mentality so the Data Scientist will be working closely with our brand partners to figure out the insights they’re looking for to achieve quantifiable growth in their marketplace-based eCommerce endeavors.  ***NOTE this role will require someone with a strong background in Object Oriented programming (Java/Python/C#). This is NOT an Analyst role (Although Data analysis will be part of the role). This is not a Recent Grad role *** Qualifications: MS in Computer Science or closely related field.Solid Professional background in Software Engineering with a focus on Object Oriented, Back End Development requiredStrong analytical and research skills demonstrated through publications in reputed conferences/journals or supporting demonstration of innovation.Familiarity with predictive models/search/recommendation/classification applications and domains will be a plus.4+ years Python/Java/C#/R experience.Experience with Natural Language ProcessingExperience with Amazon Selling (MWS, SP-API)Excellent problem-solving skills.Processing large datasets, data mining, machine learning, and information retrieval expertise is preferred.Experience with AWS Cloud Platform (Athena, Glue, Redshift, RDS) Expected experience: M.S. – at least at least 4-5 years of industrial/professional experience (Not counting Internships or Co-Ops) working in a production environment in a related field.Experience with one or more of the following: classification, regression, recommendation systems, targeting systems, ranking systems, fraud detection, online advertising, or related is a plus.Experience with site experimentation (A/B testing) is a plus.Enthusiastic collaboration and effective communication are essential.

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