Rheinschrift Language Services

NOW HIRING – We need your help with AI Data Collection projects

July 7, 2021


Never ever heard of it? Data Collection is connected to the AI optimization in the language sector.

Sounds boring? Not at all!

Data Collection helps to shape the future and to work on making artificial intelligence smarter.

Will we create the next Terminator here? Nope, sorry.

But machine translation or AIs like Siri, Cortana or Alexa will get better and more intelligent to help us in our everyday life.

And for that we need YOUR help.

Rheinschrift Language Services, one of the largest companies within the translation industry in Germany, is looking for motivated candidates to work from home on data collection tasks.

What you’ll be doing:

  • We need you to carefully study the individual instructions that we will provide and strict adherence to it with every project because machines operate on fix rules and we need you as well

  • Rating different machine translation outputs on how accurate they are (ever wondered “Who translated this, this sounds weird?” Now is your chance to make that impression official!)

  • Annotation and translation of sentences because we need to tell the machine that we have certain rules in German for gender, formality etc. and mark the sentences accordingly so the machine can learn

  • Translation of numbers, currencies, measurements and other units because this is differently handled all around the world

A must have:

  • Proven communication skills: You understand English very well and think you have an amazing feeling for the German language and its rules

  • Detail-oriented and thorough: You know how to organize your work at hand and can work with a time line without compromising quality

  • Open to feedback and willing to improve: You might have never worked on such task, so please expect some feedback and be open to adapt it. We are happy to help getting you on your way

If you are interested in being a part of these special and existing projects, please get into contact with us by sending an email to:


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