Machine Learning Engineer

Feb. 12, 2021

Remote, USA

$100,000 - $120,000 / yr

About Caravel

Caravel is a fast-growing remote startup headquartered in Portland, OR that is looking to build its engineering team. A recent alum of Techstars Seattle, our platform is helping high-growth organizations continually improve their customer experience through the use of no-code AI tools and solutions. The software we build supports people-oriented teams in understanding and analyzing customer needs across a myriad of conversational channels and ensuring that organizations are reacting promptly and effectively to their customer’s voice. We are always evolving to deliver tools that empower our customers and capture opportunities of a rapidly growing market.

Everything you work on will make a difference and have a significant impact at Caravel and the customers we support. Learne more at


  • Perform data analysis and discover new uses for existing data sources

  • Develop and evaluate the performance of predictive statistical models and machine learning algorithms

  • Partner with CEO and product team to develop clever ways to utilize data and ML concepts

  • Build novel technology features such as automated workflow systems, aspect-based sentiment systems, and code-free NLP tools

  • Develop exploratory approaches to verify initial hypotheses associated with potential AI/ML use cases

  • Develop, document, and deploy trained models (both automated and human-in-the-loop) into production, and monitor model performance

  • Develop feature functionality for Caravel’s product roadmap

  • Develop new and scale current APIs and ML pipelines for integration with Caravel’s UX

  • Design, code, test, debug, and document new and existing components to ensure that software meets business, quality, and operational needs

  • Drive and participate in code and document reviews

  • Prioritize security and scalability for all development

  • Recommend and implement technical solutions to develop new and update existing product features, increase scalability, and eliminate technical debt

  • Become an expert in the use of the Caravel platform

  • Be an integral part of a close team

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 2+ years experience working on teams to develop cloud software

  • Knowledge in machine learning methods including at least two of the following: Time series analysis, cluster analysis, unsupervised learning, neural networks, and RNNs

  • Experience working with TensorFlow and Keras at production scale

  • Experience working with database systems (SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc.) and working with BigQuery or similar data warehouses

  • Experience working with containerized environments via Docker

  • Experience working with and processing unstructured text

  • Experience in a variety of Machine Learning and NLP techniques, with a practical understanding of their real-world advantages/drawbacks, and pragmatic approaches to their application

  • Experience scaling Machine Learning pipelines to handle real-time training and predictions

  • Experience with at least 2 of the following technologies

    • React

    • Node

    • TypeScript

    • GCP

    • Python

  • A passion for Machine Learning and using it to inspire new ways of working

  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills

  • Great communicator

  • Loves collaborating with teammates and navigating complex decisions as a group

  • A drive to deliver quality that exceeds expectations

  • An open mind and passion to learn new concepts and skills

  • Smart, creative, and persistent; loves contributing new and clever ideas

  • A proven track record of gaining trust and respect by consistently demonstrating sound critical-thinking

  • A scientific approach to understanding performance, driven by hypothesis-driven thinking

  • Comfortable with ambiguity and autonomy; highly adaptable to new circumstances


  • Remote working - At Caravel, we prefer remote employment because it lets you be a human. To name a few benefits, working remotely offers: home lunches, freedom to travel or relocate, no formal work attire, easy onboarding, fewer interruptions, and more flexibility in your daily life.

  • Ownership - Every member of the Caravel team has an equity stake in the business. So, it’s up to all of us to be personally invested in the outcome of our decisions for the long-term future of our customers and coworkers. Come be an owner.

  • Healthcare - Your health comes first. Caravel provides all full-time employees comprehensive health, vision, and dental coverage because we believe in taking great care of each other.

  • Unlimited vacation - Solving hard problems and delivering value for our customers requires a clear head and boundless energy. We think that’s a direct result of having ample time to recharge. Caravel has an unlimited vacation policy.

  • Culture - We check egos at the door. Working at Caravel is an environment where everybody feels comfortable speaking and being heard and all ideas are appreciated. We work hard for our customers and use data to back up our decisions. In sum, we strive to maintain a positive work environment to create the best possible product for our customers.

Diversity at Caravel

Caravel is a company built on feedback to ensure people of all walks of life are heard and their ideas and opinions are respected. Working at Caravel is an environment where everybody feels comfortable speaking up and all ideas are appreciated. Our customers come from all walks of life and we are building a team to create the best possible product for them. We are hiring great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we believe it's essential to building a great company. If you share our values and our enthusiasm for changing the future of work, and the future of feedback, you will find a home at Caravel.

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