Software Engineer - Data

Nov. 27, 2020


$100,000 - $170,000 / yr

The Data Team is chartered with the mission of building robust platforms that enable data-driven insights. Team members have a hand in shaping all things data: from managing our internal storage systems to shepherding the continuous flow of backbone data assets such as real-time telemetry and financial forecast models. They say data is the new oil… at Voltus data is fueling our way towards a more energy efficient future!


  • Providing a suite of data-centric services core to strategic products.
  • Designing data integrations and pipelines, and evaluating solutions that facilitate data quality and lineage.
  • Spotting opportunities and patterns to automate repeatable processes.
  • Championing robust scalable systems that connect data science needs with infrastructure and full-stack technology capabilities.
  • Collecting, centralizing, and enabling access to data assets.

You might …

  • Have a solid fluency with modern programming languages (We use Python and Go)
  • Have a deep understanding of SQL database design and queries.
  • Have experience or interest in scaling data-intensive pipelines and systems.
  • Have opinions on approaches and implementations of data warehouse architectures and flows.
  • Be eager to experiment with time-series forecasting models that drive concrete measurable outcomes.
  • Have experience productionizing workflow platforms such as Airflow, Argo, or Luigi
  • Be excited about collaborating with stakeholders from multiple disciplines.. If you are bright, gritty and good, please e-mail your interest to engineering+jobs@voltus.co with the job title in the subject line.

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