Ntropy Network

Founding Machine Learning Engineer

Nov. 20, 2020


$90,000 - $150,000 / yr


  • are allergic to over-engineering.
  • are anarchists at heart and like to hack around the status quo.
  • are radically honest and are learning to appreciate challenging one another, rather than giving out “pats on the back”. Yet, we can always rely on each other for support, feedback and results. 
  • are willing to learn and adapt quickly to new situations and requirements. Languages, frameworks, libraries, compilers, etc. are just tools for a job. A new problem might need a new tool. If it doesn’t exist yet, we will build it from scratch.
  • have a sense of humour (well, we think we do).

As a founding member of our team, you will help

  • push the limits of cutting-edge computing and machine learning
  • build the team and drive the direction of the company.
  • shape our product and culture.
  • assemble our engineering stack.
  • exercise your creativity and experience the direct impact of what you build on hundreds of millions of people’s financial lives.


Where is Ntropy located?

We are fully remote, with a virtual base in San Francisco, CA.

What time-zones do you work with?

We hire anywhere in the time zones GMT-8 to GMT+1.

What is the interview process like?

  1. If we mutually feel we can build great stuff together, at least on paper, we will do a video call to kick things off and screenshare your favourite side project (45 mins).
  2. We will then give you a take-home project related to whatever we are currently working on (6 hours project + 1 hour discussion).
  3. If all goes well, we will set up a group call with the rest of the team to nerd out and generally spend time together (2 hours).

Above all, we respect your time and commitment and will keep you up to speed on where we are during the entire process.


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