Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Oct. 16, 2020


$40,000 - $80,000 / yr

We are looking for a machine learning engineer to join our team and lead the next phase of developing a first of its kind professional and social platform - connecting individuals and organisations across the world to business, career and self-development opportunities in Africa!

We are architects of the African dream; our purpose is to unify and build the African Continent into a place where everyone has the opportunity to pursue and fulfil their purpose. Some liken us to a cross between Linkedin (professional opportunities), TikTok (democratised content discovery) and Dating (connecting people) for African opportunities. Our mission is to tangibly address some of the world’s largest unsolved problems, related to creating transparency and access to unique opportunities, connecting people and forming meaningful connections for driving social and economic development. Our ultimate goal is to create 500 million jobs on the African Continent by 2036.

What you will do
Application of machine learning is one of our highest priority areas for growth over the next couple of years; therefore you will be working very closely with our founders and will have a lot of influence shaping our overall growth strategy.

  • Specifically, as a machine learning engineer you will play a lead role in helping us to realise the following five near term objectives:
  • Design, develop and implement a machine learning process to match individuals with content and other individuals based on their experience, interest and activity
  • Design and develop a data driven mechanic for realising a networks of communities: i.e. enable individuals to find communities ‘relevant’ to them, whilst enabling ‘social mobility’ by enabling them to access communities that can support their professional progression (i.e. solving societal issues around building social capital)
  • Design and develop a user feed framework and implementation to ensure content and opportunities are recommended in the most effective way for the user and relative to our business objectives
  • Design and develop machine learning mechanisms for understanding structured user data (e.g. CV’s) and unstructured user data (e.g. posts) to build effective user personalisation and profiling for curating experience and making recommendations
  • Work with our psychologists to build proprietary psychometric tools and enable users to better hone their purpose and where they deposit their energy

You are likely to be successful if:

  • You specialise in machine learning engineering first and foremost, with an advanced degree in a related field (e.g. Masters’ or PhD in a Computer Science or Machine Learning related degree); or equivalent work experience
  • You have tangible and demonstrable experience leading the design and implementation of real-world machine learning solutions that consumers use today to achieve value-added outcomes
  • You can seamlessly map business strategy priorities to technology strategy, long-term and short-term decisions
  • You have a strong grasp on the end-to-end machine learning value chain, with a solid foundation in data science, including algorithm selection and design
  • Experience working with data scientists, data engineers and a clear understanding of the separation of concerns
  • You are an engineer at heart and have experience building and implementing things quickly; with experience writing production code (e.g. in Python)
  • You are intellectually curious and motivated by solving big audacious problems, covering unchartered territory and life-long learning
  • You want to make impact and use technology to solve real world problems at scale
  • You thrive in ambiguous environments where you have autonomy and enjoy and are successful creating structure from chaos
  • You are solution orientated and have a unique ability to go from abstract concept through strategy, and scalable implementation
  • You are technology agnostic, you can use the right tool for the job, and you see learning something new as an opportunity vs. a drawback
  • You work effectively in teams of all sizes, you have good communication skills, strong self-awareness and awareness of those around you and their needs

What you should know:

  • Our technology stack includes Angular, React Native, Python Django, PostgreSQL, AWS, GCM
  • We are based internationally with a HQ in Central London; you can work remote from wherever you are
  • We are a flat, meritocratic team, where we believe in ownership and where your voice will be heard
  • We’re growing fast and are already a market leader in our category, but still small enough where you will become an architect of a future success story

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