Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Oct. 2, 2020

Remote, USA

$80,000 - $120,000 / yr

Job Summary

eino is looking for a resourceful machine learning engineer with deep passion for building software products to predict future and improve information distribution. You will join the design and development team of eino’s proprietary forecasting platform for telecom resource allocation. Your experience will include developing machine learning models, creating automated pipelines and deploying them in the product.

Please include your previous experiences with data engineering, machine learning modeling, python programming and cloud platforms in your message.

Responsibilities and Duties

• Research and development in time-series forecasting and supervised modeling
• Design and deployment of automated machine learning pipelines
• Data engineering and feature extraction
• Maintain current knowledge of technology landscape
• Use and continually develop technical skills

Qualifications and Skills

• B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or Engineering
• 3+ years of hands-on experience working with real-world data sets
• Deep knowledge in predictive analytics and time-series forecasting
• 3+ years of experience in building ML products with Python programming language
• 2+ years of experience in backend Python engineering
• Ability to process large data sets


• Building innovative solutions for real-world problems
• Being part of a growing company with a strong foundation
• Educational support to grow personally, professionally and technically
• Flexibility in working schedule

• Internet is now on top of human needs pyramid
• Mobile network operators are projected to invest more than $1.1 trillion in next 5 years and about 80% on 5G
• Inefficiency in planning of mobile infrastructure including 5G hurts our social and economic growth, wastes our natural resources and costs us billions of dollars

About eino

eino is a deep tech startup founded by Cornell entrepreneurs and scientists with boundless passion to improve infrastructure planning for urban inhabitants and improve information distribution. eino is backed by the 500 Startups, Rough Draft Ventures, National Science Foundation, Jacob’s Institute at Cornell-Tech and PowerBridge NY.

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