Data Engineer

StartupLandia · Anywhere · July 4, 2020


💰 $40,000 - $100,000 / yr

Come join a merry band of experienced Startup focused developers, designers and hustlers! We need a machine learning focused data engineer to add support to one of our projects.

About you:

  • Preferably a data engineer who knows or is interested in machine learning.
  • Must be proficient in performant Python programming.
  • Knows how to pull unstructured files from google cloud and AWS and organize them into a scalable databases.
  • Tensorflow-y
  • Capable of preparing large amounts of image data for ingestion into production-grade machine learning systems.
  • Also helping to build those systems.

About Us:

  • Seasoned team of technical people (design, development, product)
  • Globaly distributed, A++ Remote Eq/Iq
  • Oakland, CA based leadership team
  • 25-35 hr full time work weeks
  • No drama, no "growth at all costs" aware.

Aws Python Google Cloud