Data scientist with hands-on NLP and deep learning expertise

John Snow Labs · Anywhere · June 27, 2020


💰 $95,000 - $130,000 / yr

We are looking for a superstar data scientist, who is familiar and experienced with natural language processing and natural language understanding, using the latest deep learning techniques (Spark NLP, transformers, multi-task learning, etc.). This role fits software engineers with proven hands-on experience in Python, Spark, and TensorFlow. A PhD degree in a relevant field is preferred.

Our company's focus is in healthcare and life science, so such background in medicine, pharma, bioinformatics or biostatistics is highly beneficial. However, it is not required, and we welcome applicants with experience from other verticals.

The primary responsibilities will be one of two kinds. The first working as part of a team in customer-facing projects - building models and ML/DL/NLP pipelines that address specific business needs. This requires strong oral & written communication skills. The second is working as part of our core development team to build new NLP, OCR, and AI Platform components. This requires strong software engineering skills in addition to data science knowledge. Experience with Python is a must; knowing Scala is a big plus.

We are looking for experts who are looking for long-term freelancing contracts, and wish to work on cutting-edge problems, learn and grow. We are looking for individuals who can commit at least 30 hours per week to this project. We are not able to consider agency or team applications for this job.

This is a career opportunity that will enable you to expand your knowledge and experience of different tools and techniques, work within an team of big data and data science experts, and make a positive impact with your work.

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