Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Selerity · Anywhere · May 23, 2018


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Senior Machine Learning Engineer to join Selerity’s team, scaling up an A.I. driven analytics and recommendation platform and integrating it into enterprise workflows.  Highly competitive compensation plus significant opportunities for professional growth and career advancement.

Employment Type: Contract or Full-time

Location is flexible: We have offices in New York City and Oak Park, Illinois (Chicago suburb) but about half of our team currently works remotely from various parts of Europe, North America, and Asia.  

Job Description:

Want to change how the world engages with chat, research, social media, news, and data?

Selerity has dominated ultra-low-latency data science in finance for almost a decade.  Now our real-time content analytics and contextual recommendation platform is gaining broader traction in enterprise and media applications.  We're tackling big challenges in predictive analytics, conversational interfaces, and workflow automation and need your help!

We’re looking for an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to join a major initiative at a critical point in our company’s growth.  This is a hands-on role, applying the latest technology in natural language processing and machine learning (including deep learning) to real-world problems in capital markets, institutional research, financial news, and social media.  Machines are playing an ever-increasing role in finance and we're leading that trend.


* Possess a rock-solid background in Computer Science (minimum BS in Comp Sci or related field) + at least 5 years (ideally 10+) of challenging work experience.

* Advanced proficiency working in Java in Linux environments.

* Rigorous understanding of data science foundations and theory including algorithms, statistics, experimental setup, etc.

* Experience applying NLP and/or machine learning to large-scale datasets, especially text.

* Experience with large-scale analytics and machine learning technologies including TensorFlow/Sonnet, Torch, Caffe, Spark, Hadoop, cuDNN, etc.

* Significant operational experience with deploying, monitoring, and maintaining large-scale A.I. applications in production environments.  Not just research and prototypes.

* Solid track record of making effective design decisions balancing near-term and long-term objectives.

* Know when to use commercial or open-source solutions, when to delegate to a teammate, and when to roll up your sleeves and code it yourself.

* Work effectively in agile teams with remote members; get stuff done with minimal guidance and zero BS, help others, and know when to ask for help.

* Clearly communicate complex technical and product issues to non-technical team members, managers, clients, etc.  


* Advanced degree (MS/PhD) in a quantitative field such as Computer Science or Statistics.

* Proficiency in C++, Python, Scala, or other commonly-used languages.

* Experience with analytics visualization libraries.

* Conversant with relational, column, object, and graph database fundamentals and strong practical experience in any of those paradigms.

* Deep understanding of how to build software agents and conversational workflows.

* Knowledge of capital markets concepts, entities, and processes.

Our stack:

* Java, C++, Python, JavaScript/ECMAscript + Node, Angular, Electron, Scala, etc.

* A variety of open source and in-house frameworks for natural language processing and machine learning including artificial neural networks / deep learning.

* Hybrid of AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, R53) + dedicated datacenter network, server and GPU/coprocessor infrastructure.

* Cassandra, Aurora plus in-house streaming analytics pipeline (similar to Apache Flink) and indexing/query engine (similar to ElasticSearch).

* In-house messaging frameworks for low-latency (sub-microsecond sensitivity) multicast and global-scale TCP (similarities to protobufs/FixFast/zeromq/itch).

* Ansible, Git, Subversion, PagerDuty, Icinga, Grafana, Observium, LDAP, Jenkins, Maven, Purify, VisualVM, Wireshark, Eclipse, IntelliJ.

This position offers a great opportunity to work with advanced technologies, collaborate with a top-notch, global team, and disrupt a highly visible, multi-billion-dollar market.  


We understand how to attract and retain the best talent and offer a competitive mix of salary, benefits and equity.  We also understand how important it is for you to feel challenged, to have opportunities to learn new things, to have the flexibility to balance your work and personal life, and to know that your work has impact in the real world.

We have team members on four continents and we're adept at making remote workers feel like part of the team.  If you join our NYC main office be sure to bring your Nerf toys, your drones and your maker gear - we’re into that stuff, too.

Interview Process:

If you can see yourself at Selerity, send your resume and/or online profile (e.g. LinkedIn) to  We’ll arrange a short introductory phone call and if it sounds like there’s a match we'll arrange for you to meet the team for a full interview.  

The interview process lasts several hours and is sometimes split across two days on site, or about two weeks with remote interviews.  It is intended to be challenging - but the developers you meet and the topics you’ll be asked to explain (and code!) should give you a clear sense of what it would be like to work at Selerity.  

We value different perspectives and have built a team that reflects that diversity while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.  You can rest assured that we welcome talented engineers regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or national origin.

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