How to get a Remote Machine Learning Job

How to get a Remote Machine Learning Job

Advice ยท June 13, 2018

Remote work is offered by a large part of software companies nowadays. However, this has mostly left out machine learning positions: Most are still office-bound. So, what is the best way to get into Remote Machine Learning?

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Why is ML different?

What makes Machine Learning different from other engineering positions which usually offer remote work? Well, the biggest Machine Learning employers are usually big tech companies who are building big office campuses and rarely offer remote work.

Startups - who often like to offer remote work - usually outsource machine learning. However, this will probably change in the near future. Machine Learning is getting more and more practical and it won’t be long before (remote-first) startups start hiring in Machine Learning as well.


Working remotely sounds great. But are you sure you are made for it? Before even starting to apply, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you live in an environment where you can work quietly, uninterrupted and with a stable electricity/internet connection?
  • When doing work, how often do you need help or ask questions? Are you self-directed? In a remote environment, you’ll have to rely on asynchronous communication. If you ping everyone constantly, nobody can be productive. You’ll need to be able to work on your own.
  • Is your social life ready for this? You won’t have a lot of social interaction with your co-workers. So you need a social environment to help you not to become lonely.

Finding positions and applying

So you think you are ready for a remote position in Machine Learning? Well, you are in luck. Arguably the best place to find positions in Remote Machine Learning is RemoteML. While we try to add at least one new position every week, you might also be able to find something else on AngelList.

As already mentioned, being able to work self-directed is very, very important in remote work, so when applying to positions, show them how you have worked on your own before. Arguably, anticipation, communication and character is more important in making remote work happen, than your actual hard skill.

In the next few weeks, we’ll show you how not to get distracted while working remotely and more. If you’d like to decide about the next content pieces, join the chat.

About the Author

Dominic is the founder of RemoteML. Additionally to working as a (Remote) Deep Learning Engineer and working on his own sideprojects, He is also a vivid writer, having written for Towards Data Science, HackerNoon, MakerMag and O'Reilly before).

When I started working remotely, I had a lot of questions. Now, I hope to help you with yours!

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