Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Blog

News ยท May 15, 2018

We ran a poll on our Twitter this week and we wanted to know in which direction to go next. You have answered - and now you are getting it. The RemoteML Blog is here!

I have always been a big fan of polls. Not only since I found them on Twitter - but always. I think democratizing a decision has it’s pros and cons, but especially in a business environment, giving the users a voice is crucial.

Launching the RemoteML Blog

My name is Dominic and I have built RemoteML in my free time not too long ago.

Luckily, many people liked it, signed up and have since then been able to find new Remote Machine Learning Jobs as soon as they came out. Now - as wished - we are launching a blog, discussing all the tips and tricks of working remotely in Machine Learning.

We’ll read each other soon!

About the Author

Dominic is the founder of RemoteML. Additionally to working as a (Remote) Deep Learning Engineer and working on his own sideprojects, He is also a vivid writer, having written for Towards Data Science, HackerNoon, MakerMag and O'Reilly before).

When I started working remotely, I had a lot of questions. Now, I hope to help you with yours!

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